Friday 8 November 2013

Inventors' Day

The ELZABURU Firm marks Inventors' Day, celebrated on 9 November, in recognition of all the inventors who have worked with us.  

This day was chosen because it is the birthday of Hedy Lamarr, Austrian screen star, telecommunications engineer, and inventor. She invented an early version of the spread spectrum modulation technique used in telecommunications to transmit digital data over radio frequencies. As an actress, she had roles in many Hollywood pictures, including Samson and Delilah.

Inventors' Day is a day set aside in recognition of all those individuals who, working on their own or as employees, make a decisive contribution to our everyday lives and to the progress of society as a whole.

Inventions are the best testaments to human ingenuity and are an essential part of every country's innovation system. Behind an invention there is always someone (the inventor) who, alone or as part of a team, has expended great effort to achieve results that will benefit everyone.

This year, it should be remembered, a Spanish railway engineer, José Luis López Gómez, won the European Inventor Award 2013's Popular Prize. And so, to some extent Inventors' Day can be regarded as a tribute to all those who are engaged in research activity in Spain.

Author: Pedro Saturio

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